Community Liaison

Alice Cable

Hello from our School Community Liaison, Alice Cable!

Alice started working for Fall Mountain in 2019 as the School Community Liaison. Most of her career has been spent working for organizations that link small businesses, schools, and economic development agencies to help small towns thrive. She is a member of Charlestown Rotary, National Association for Family, School & Community Engagement, and the Fall Mountain Scholarship Fund.

Her work has been centered around building authentic connections, and using her endless curiosity to learn and share information with a variety of audiences.   

Alice is looking forward to her continued work in discovering available resources and connecting them with people who can use them.  A few immediate priorities include:

  • Development of a community resources tab for the district website

  • Establishment of a monthly community newsletter

  • Planning districtwide community events

  • Forming new district and community partnerships 

  • Develop one central mode of communication via Community Newsletter 

  • Highlight Alumni via district website 

  • Increase parent and community engagement via centralized activities 

  • Provide our families with a road map by advertising instructional and family-oriented activities on the website. 

Alice is also the McKinney Vento Liaison for the district, working with students who are experiencing a loss of housing.

Need to get in touch? Call 603-835-0006 x664 or email